Cables and adapters

Prokord offers a wide selection of high-quality cables and adapters for different areas of application.

Network cables

Prokord’s network cables are of high quality and available in several different colours and lengths, to fit nicely into your particular environment and make it easier to organise your network.

The network cables contain high-quality leads and plugs that deliver high performance over a long time. This is why we offer a lifetime guarantee for our cables.

Fibre-optic cables

Prokord offers a wide range of high-quality, value-for-money fibre-optic cables for a quick connection. The cables are available in different lengths and versions.

Video cables

Watch movies and videos without any limitations with Prokord’s video cables. All cables in the range are of high quality, offer excellent picture quality on screen and have been rigorously tested. The video cables are available in various lengths and with a number of different ports, such as HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and DVI.

USB and sound cables

Prokord has a wide range of value-for-money cables that enable you to work as efficiently as possible. The range includes USB cables, sound cables and adapters for different kinds of connections. You can also rest assured that you’ll get a product that has been carefully selected and tested by us.


Prokord has adapters to meet most needs, e.g. video and USB adapters. All adapters are of high quality and have been carefully selected and tested.