Our private labels

At Dustin, we have one of the widest ranges of IT products and services in the market. Since 2016, Dustin has had a number of private labels: Voxicon, Cirafon, Prokord, Gilford, Tranzip and Acutek, all of them keeping our promise to offer high quality at a good price.

These brands are the result of far-reaching partnerships with our suppliers, which give us a greater insight into and influence over the whole process, from beginning to end. This not only gives us control over the initial manufacturing process, it also gives us an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint.

When it comes to our private labels, one high-priority area is product development, where we can further benefit from our partnerships by maintaining a presence in the factories to identify new, innovative products. This enables us to offer modern, attractive and value-for-money products in many categories and quality levels.

We want our private labels to be our customers’ first choice.

We do this by:

  • Offering attractive, innovative products in several different categories.
  • Offering high-quality, value-for-money products at several price levels.
  • Creating choice for the customer through a wide product range and ongoing development.

We want you to enjoy peace of mind when buying our brands. This is why we collaborate actively with our suppliers, so we can guarantee that our products are thoroughly tested, both in the factories and by our quality teams at Dustin.

Our sustainability strategy

We work continuously to reduce the carbon footprint of our own products, and it is our goal to be totally climate-neutral before 2030. As a small actor, we can benefit from our ability to make a rapid transition, while at the same time we can utilise the initiatives of major actors to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and thereby our climate impact. A large element of this work involves choosing the most sustainable alternative, as well as guaranteeing our products through various energy labels.

Our packaging philosophy

When we develop new packaging solutions for our private labels, the environmental aspect is very important, not least in the choice of materials. Packaging solutions are designed to avoid unnecessary waste and to make them easy to recycle. They should also contain as little air as possible in order to optimise utilisation of space during transport.

Three focus areas to reduce our carbon footprint

Phasing out black plastic

Black plastic is worse for the environment than other plastic. This is why we are focusing on phasing out black plastic as far as possible. We are doing this by reducing the volume of plastic in our packaging solutions, or by switching to more sustainable alternatives such as paper.

Measuring CO2 emissions

By measuring and comparing different alternatives for freight, materials and packaging solutions, we can choose the most sustainable alternative for our private labels.

Compressing packaging sizes

By compressing the sizes of packaging solutions used for our products, we can achieve a considerable saving in volume and thereby also save the environment.

Safe manufacturing through factory visits

Another part of our sustainability strategy involves securing the actual manufacturing of our products. The products we sell under our private labels are manufactured in different factories all over the world. Dustin does not have its own production facilities – but of course we have a responsibility to check the working conditions and to demand action if we discover any shortcomings.

All of our private labels undergo rigorous testing and must meet our requirements for quality, environment, health and social responsibility. By visiting the factories and continuously conducting factory audits, we can work together with local representatives to ensure that our standards are met and any shortcomings addressed. We create improvements through training, assistance and motivation.

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Brands that create value

There is information below about our different brands. Designed for you, for work or for everyday life.

The flagship within our private labels

Voxicon is the biggest brand among our private labels, offering high-quality products featuring the very latest technology. The Voxicon range includes a number of multimedia products such as headphones, mice, keyboards, televisions and monitors. Whichever Voxicon product you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll have a carefully selected product of high quality.

Quality products for mobiles and PCs

Cirafon offers a wide range of high-quality products in the field of mobile and PC accessories. The range includes screen guards, privacy filters, chargers, laptop bags and power banks, to name just a few. The products are sustainable, smart and hard-wearing accessories that extend the life of your tech equipment. While making life a little bit easier.

Work more efficiently with the right installation products

Prokord helps you to work more efficiently with its wide range of installation products. As well as cables, the range includes adapters, desks, docking stations and various kinds of wall brackets. Prokord’s products have been developed with a focus on you and with your budget in mind.

Smart products that give you more for your money

Gilford offers carefully tested and specially selected printer supplies such as toner and ink. Smart products for you and your printer.

Convenient. Simple. Stylish.

Tranzip offers convenient, simple and value-for-money USB sticks in a stylish design. Tranzip is designed in brushed steel for a better user experience and has features such as drag & drop for quick and convenient data transfer.

Office products for all occasions

Acutek offers office products with a simple design and minimal packaging. This enables us to keep down costs without compromising on quality. Check out the range and find your favourites in Acutek.