Tranzip offers convenient, simple and value-for-money USB sticks in a stylish design. Tranzip is designed in brushed steel for a better user experience and has features such as drag & drop for quick and convenient data transfer.

Tranzip logo

You must also be able to rest assured that we’re assuming our social responsibility and considering the long-term effects of our actions. For example, we make tough demands of our suppliers and pay regular visits to our factories to check that our demands are being met. We know that we’re a small actor on a global stage, but we also know that we’re making it a little bit better – and we’re proud of that.


Tranzip is one of Dustin’s private labels

At Dustin, we have one of the widest ranges of IT products and services in the market. Since 2016, Dustin has had a number of private labels: Voxicon, Cirafon, Prokord, Gilford, Tranzip and Acutek, all of them keeping our promise to offer high quality at a good price.