Prokord Black – a new range of premium cables

As the demand for exclusive cables has surged, the technology has advanced. Therefore, Prokord has developed a new type of premium cables. While Prokord's standard cable range is developed for regular day-to-day use, Prokord Black's cables are designed for heavy-duty usage and perform better over time.

Prokord Black's cables have performed better in tests than many of its more expensive competitors' products. Not only the base-line requirements of exclusive cables, Prokord Black's products can also handle more stringent tests, where competitors' cables have a hard time keeping up.

The range currently consists of video cables (HDMI, display and DVI) developed with carefully selected components, gold-plated connectors, and copper wire of the highest quality (no signal loss) and lifetime warranty. In addition, the cables and the connectors are double shielded, which means that they are provided with extra protection so that they do not receive any interference from other cables nearby.